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Highly responsive team and amazing app. Able to get one-stop-solution for all our order processing and tracking needs. Fulfilment errors have decreased and Operational efficiency has increased by multi-fold. - Leaf Studios

Multi Channel Inventory Management

  • Automatic inventory update on all online channels
  • See physical stock and booked stock via sales
  • Low stock alerts based on sales
Order fulfillment

Purchase Orders

  • Create and track purchase orders
  • Receive stock partially
  • Purchase returns
Order fulfillment

Advanced Integration with Shopify

  • Automatic creation of products based on SKU
  • Restock inventory when orders is refunded
  • Location wise inventory update
  • Automatic calculation and update of bundles inventory
Order fulfillment

Inventory Forecasting (beta)

  • Low Stock Alerts
  • Lead time based forecasting
  • Seasonal variation forecasting
  • Historical sales forecasting
Order fulfillment


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