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Sumtracker is made for brands that sell on Shopify or WooCommerce. We provide everything you need to manage your inventory, orders and daily operations using one software.

Put Your Inventory, Order Fulfillment & Shipment Operations on Autopilot

Sumtracker Syncs with Shopify Automatically. No Manual Workflows Required!


Sumtracker streamlines everything- from procurement to delivery, so that you can pay more attention to your sales.

Bulk Order fulfilment, Shipping & Tracking

  • Bulk assign shipping carrier, labels and schedule courier pickup
  • Define rules to put orders on hold based on tags & payment status
  • Automatically track shipment status
  • Get single report with all order and shipping information
Order fulfillment

Inventory Management

  • Automatic inventory update on all online channels
  • Define inventory sync rules - keep reserve stock, take pre-booking
  • Batch numbers, expiry dates and FIFO
  • Quality control and low stock alerts
Order fulfillment

Failed Shipments Customer Support

  • Actionable dashboard for resolving failed shipments
  • Receive RTO stock and create replacement orders
  • Claim shipping refunds for lost/damaged shipments
  • Follow up on shipments that have been in transit for long
  • Inform customer about delays
Order fulfillment

Advanced Integration with Shopify

  • Automatic linking of products based on SKU
  • Automatically update Shopify with tracking details
  • COD orders marked as paid on delivery
  • Automatic calculation and update of bundles and kits inventory
Order fulfillment

ERP Features

  • Purchase orders and receive notes
  • Offline sale orders and invoices
  • Manufacturing inventory management
  • Accounting integration
Order fulfillment

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Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Can Sumtracker handle shipment returns management?

Absolutely. The inbuilt failed shipment resolution system handles all returns and automatically updates inventory levels across all online storefronts and your warehouse.

Does Sumtracker handle replacement orders?

Yes. Sumtracker helps you make critical replacement decisions right from the dashboard in real time.

What reports can I see which will help me make better decisions?

There is a lot you can achieve with Sumtracker. Our intuitive dashboard helps you keep an eye on inventory levels, order fulfillment status, shipment updates and a lot more. For complete operational guidance visit our Help Center.

Can I try Sumtracker before I make the buying decision?

Yes. In fact, we offer a no-obligation 14-day free trial period for all Shopify merchants. Just add the app to your store and get started.

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