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Track and optimize your business in real time.


Optimize Product Catalogue

Identify products with higher profits
Identify dead stock
Discover the right quantity to order

Match Inventory with Books

Map real world stock movement
Easy reconciliation of inventory
Make corrections to match with actual numbers

Track Daily Sales, Purchases & Logistics

Track delivery and payment status for orders
Reconcile purchase order with actual stock delivery
Save logistics information for sales orders

Measure Your Performance at Any Point in Time

Generate reports using multiple parameters
Measure inventory turnover, inventory holding and other indices
Compare with past performance

Immediately Detect Error & Theft

Real time inventory update with every sale and purchase
Get transaction list for evey product
Detect and rectify incomplete/incorrect information

Manage Stock at Multiple Warehouses

Know product quantity at each warehouse
Transfer stock between warehouses
Make sales and purchase from any warehouse

Invoicing from Multiple Point of Sale

Fast and easy invoicing
Fully customized GST ready bill
Quick retrieval of products using barcode

Tara Electronics

Sumtracker has shaped the business we have today. We have a repeatable sales process and a strategy to scale our team. I recommend Sumtracker to any business looking to improve their sales.

Gagan Gupta - Manager Tara Electronics

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