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Sumtracker provides you everything to manage and plan your raw materials and finished goods inventory.

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Product brands have to manage a lot of SKUs which includes finished goods and raw materials. To produce the finished goods many operations are performed. Each step adds to the complexity of managing the inventory.

Sumtracker solves all of the above and provides insightful reporting to take best decisions for your brand. Sumtracker automatically calculates your raw material demand based on historical sales data.

You can manage your team communications like PO approvals, tasks and document sharing. This increases work efficiency and reduces errors.

Sumtracker solves the major pain point of managing procurement. Sumtracker decides how much raw material you need. You will get notifications when the raw material needs to be ordered.

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Purchase Management

Managing purchase orders involves calculating when to order and how much to order. Then after placing the order you have to track the orders based on due dates and pending quantities. Sumtracker solves all of the above for you with automation and notifications.

Batch wise inventory tracking

For CPG brands it is important to track manufacturing date and expiry date. To do this batch numbers are used which automatically gets picked up based on most recent expiry date.

Production and job work order management

Use BOMs to do production entries. You can issue material for production which then gets converted into finished goods. You can enter production variance to calculate any wastage.

After production finished doos go to quality check (QC) where you can mark the products for rework or wastage.

Sales orders management

Create sales orders and invoices using Sumtracker. Using the sumtracker POS you do retail billing. All your sales data is used to calculate demand. Sales invoices are printed according to GST tax laws.

Raw Material traceability

For high production standards sumtracker can trace back all the raw material for finished goods. This is useful to track errors in production. You can isolate the impacted finished goods based on the raw materials used.

Approvals and notifications

Most organisations have a workflow where purchase and sales orders need approvals from higher management. In sumtracker you can send notifications to get the orders approved on time. Only approved orders can be printed and used.


Sumtracker has very detailed and advanced reports to bring visibility in the supply chain. You can get movement reports using which you decide the best inventory portfolio. All data is exportable to generate custom reports using excel.

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  • Reduce inventory holding
  • Lower inventory turnaround time
  • Better team coordination
  • Accurate inventory tracking
  • Timely fulfillment of orders