Warehouse Management

Track stock at multiple locations. Get exact location of each stock item inside the warehouse.

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Automatic putaway & picking

Sumtracker will automatically assign warehouse and rack locations to products when receiving any purchase order. When shipping products you can use auto pick or manual picking. In auto pick sumtracker will pick the stock on FIFO or FEFO bases.

Sub locations in warehouse

You can know exact location of each stock item within the warehouse using sub locations. Each warehouse can have multiple sub locations with a unique id. When doing put away and picking you can select the sub location or the system will assign it for you.

Multiple location support

Manage your operations in multiple locations using Sumtracker. For the same purchase order you can receive stock in multiple locations. When shipping products you can pick stock from multiple locations based on availability. You can transfer stock between locations anytime.

How is stock managed in multiple locations?

Sumtracker has put away and picking workflow. When stock is received a put away operation is created and when stock is shipped a picking sheet is create. For put away and picking you can choose products from multiple locations in one go.

Stock levels show the exact location of the items. For example you can have 10 items of product A at your production warehouse and 24 items of product A at your sales warehouse.

You can mark warehouses based on specific function and prioritise them. For example purchase is received at warehouse no. 1, production happens at warehouse no. 2. Sumtracker will use the settings to do auto put away and picking.

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