User Permissions and Approvals

Assign user permissions and roles. Set approval workflow for important tasks.

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User permissions for access control

User activity records

Set approvals for important tasks

Get alerts and notifications for tasks

Read only access to old data

User permissions

You can set user permissions based on role and seniority. Each department like sales, purchase, manufacturing, logistics, accounts etc. have permissions for read, write and delete. All the stock related data gets locked once the task is complete. Only the management with permissions can change anything.

Notifications for tasks

Sumtracker will send automatic notifications for due purchase orders, payment reminders, low stock levels and other important tasks. You can set which users will get these notifications based on permissions.

Approval workflow

For purchase orders, sales orders, write offs, BOMs and purchase rates you can set an approval workflow. These documents can only be used after getting an approval from a senior authority your company. For example a purchase order can only be sent to the supplier after being approved.

How does permissions and approval improve efficiency?

Approvals are needed to bring accountability and accuracy in operations. Getting approvals is a very slow process when done using emails and messaging. Sumtracker brings one click experience to approvals.

To get approval for any purchase order you just need to click "Request approval" button. An email is sent to all the users who have the permission to approve purchase orders. Once they have approved, an email is sent to the user who requested the approval. The approver can also deny the request to approve. The whole process does not involve any manual communication between users.

Permissions are required in any enterprise to protect data. When stock gets changed because of a transaction, it cannot be undone without permission. Sumtracker has permission based on the department. You can give some or all permissions to any user.

Permissions help protect users from altering old data and access reports which are not related to their role in the company.

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