Reports and Analytics

Use reports to get overview and detailed analysis of your business and operations.

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Stock valuation and age report on FIFO basis

Raw material traceability report

Purchase rates trend analysis

Demand analysis and raw material planning report

Cost of goods sold and margin on goods report

Costing of finished goods

Stock valuation and age report

Stock valuation report is essential to calculate profit and loss. Sumtracker has real time valuation report of stock in hand. This stock includes all goods purchased or produced which are in the current inventory. Stock Age report gives the age in days of each stock item in the inventory. Using this you can decide which stock is dead or should move quickly.

Costing of goods report

You can get a cost of goods sold during the last month. COGS is needed to know the gross margin. For wholesalers or retailers COGS is calculated based on the purchase rates of the items sold. For manufacturers COGS is calculated on the basis of cost of finished goods sold.

Raw material traceability report

For food, medicine, CPG and ISO certified companies raw material traceability is mandatory. To trace back the raw materials used in production batches are used. Each item in the system is given a unique code which can be traced back to the raw materials.

Sales and purchase reports

To get a overview of business performance you can generate sales and purchase reports on various parameters using Sumtracker. Some important parameters are sales based on product, customer, supplier and item category. Reports can be generated on any date range and real time.

Transaction Logs

Sumtracker records all transactions related to inventory. You can filter see the movement of any item from purchase to sales. Using transaction logs you can track any mistakes or mismatches in your data.


Stock valuation
Stock age report
Cost of goods sold
Historical month end stock
Transaction logs
Purchase rates report
Sales by month
Sales by product
Sales by customer
Tax report
Purchase by month
Purchase by product
Purchase by supplier
Purchase returns report
Sales return report
Rejection report
Production variance report

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