Manage your supply chain.
Sumtracker is capable of handling all your supply chain issues. Get control over inventory movement.

Raw Material Planning

Plan your raw material requirement using average daily demand of finished goods and lead time for purchase. Set restock levels, MOQ and safety stock levels for planning raw material purchase quantity.

Inventory control

Get detailed outlook of inventory with quantities for on order, incoming, outgoing, in stock and on hand inventory levels. Get inventory logs for tracking movement of stock.

Job Work and BOMs

Sumtracker has advanced job work order management. You can track raw material required, issued, consumed and wasted at the job worker location. Produce finished goods in click of a button when using BOMs. Manage BOMs using an easy to use interface and excel based BOM import.

How do we streamline your supply chain?

• Sumtracker tracks status for each inventory movement - on order, incoming, in stock, outgoing.
• You can set finished goods average daily demand to get daily report of raw material requirement. And then based on lead time and MOQ get how much raw material to order
• Manage all your data on sumtracker including sales, purchase, stock transfers, production and job work to get accurate real time inventory levels.

Special Shout Out to Startups
Sumtracker works great for growing startups. We will work closely with you to give whatever you need in the software. Our team will give special attention to your needs.


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