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In sumtracker you can mark shipments as booked. Quantities which are booked to ship are shown in the inventory levels. When you confirm a purchase order for arrival quantities are marked as expected to arrive. When you start production quantities are marked as in production.

Inventory control

To know when to order and how much to order sumtracker uses historical demand and future growth potential to calculate inventory levels to maintain. You can set safety stock levels to trigger notifications for reordering stock.

Cycle count and reporting

Sumtracker logs every movement of stock. You can perform cycle counts to reconcile inventory and make adjustments easily. Based on the inventory movement data reports are generated like dead stock report.

How does sumtracker track inventory?

Sumtracker tracks inventory on a FIFO basis for all products. Using this method for each product you get the valuation and inventory age report.

When purchasing goods you can mark the order as expected to arrive with a due date. Sumtracker will show you inventory levels with total expected to arrive quantity.

When selling products you can mark your shipments as booked to ship with a shipping date. Sumtracker will show the total quantity already booked for customers. You can also book materials for production. Booked quantity is used to determine available quantity for future use.

For each operation in sumtracker you can see the current inventory levels. This way you can know if it is possible to fulfil that operation beforehand.

Sumtracker has cycle count and adjustments feature to manage accuracy in your inventory levels. You can upload the current physical inventory and sumtracker will automatically adjust the inventory levels.

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