Purchase order management

Track delivery status of POs

When the complete stock is delivered the PO is automatically closed.

Get notifications of due POs

Set due date for PO. If the PO is not closed till the due date you will be notified to follow up with the supplier.

Mark PO as on order

Stock levels will show how much stock is already on order so that you can plan your operations better.

Approval workflow

Get approval from senior management for PO. After approval only the PO can be sent to the supplier.

Pre negotiated supplier rates

If needed, Sumtracker will strictly pick pre negotiated rate from the supplier. No need to worry about over charges.

Quality check

You can perform quality check on purchased goods and reject them for defects. The rejected items can be returned back to the supplier.

Purchase returns

Track purchase returns to measure supplier performance.

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Sales order management

Track delivery status of sales orders

Get to know the delivered quantity for each product in order.

Get notifications for due sales orders

Set delivery due date for orders to get notifications when they are overdue.

Track stock booked for sales

You can mark stock as booked for sales. So that they are not booked again. Stock levels will show the booked quantity.

Approve sales orders

Get approvals from senior management for orders. Only after approval can they be shipped or invoiced.

Tax compliant invoicing

Make invoices which are GST compliant.

Retail point of sale

Point of sale window for retail for fast billing.

Payment tracking

Note payments for orders with payment mode and date. Set payment due date for automatic alerts.

Sales returns

You can accept returns from your customers and issue them refunds.

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Inventory Management

Stock levels with details

Get stock levels for each product with location, purchase date, and cost of each item.

Replenishment rules

Set reorder levels, lead time and safety stock to get alerts when stock is low. Sumtracker will calculate how much stock to order.

Track stock booked for sales

You can book stock in sales orders. Sumtracker will show you how much quantity has been booked against the available stock.

Track stock issued for job work

Track the material issued for 3rd party job work. For each contract work you can transfer materials to your contractor.

Track stock expected to arrive from vendors

You can mark purchase orders as expected to arrive. The expected quantity is shown as on order quantity in the stock levels.

Stock adjustment

For any correction in stock levels you can write off stock or add stock using stock adjustments.

Cycle count

To reconcile physical stock with the stock level in Sumtracker cycle count is used.

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Warehouse management

Manage stock at multiple locations

You can create multiple locations to maintain stock. For each location stock is maintained.

Sub locations within warehouse

Know the exact location of the stock within the warehouse using sub locations.

Auto put-away

Set predefined rules to put-away the stock in warehouses.

Auto picking

The stock is picked on a FIFO bases and pre defined rules. Your warehouse staff can pick stock at maximum speed using auto picking.

Stock transfers

Transfer stock between warehouses for production and dispatch of goods.

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Batches and Serial numbers

Lot number wise tracking of stock

For each purchase or production of goods batch numbers are given.

FIFO or FEFO based picking

All items are auto picked using FIFO basis. For perishable items FEFO method is used.

Serial number track for each item

Track items like mobile phones, laptops using unique serial numbers.

Material traceability

You can trace back all the materials used in production back to the original purchase order.

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Manufacturing Operations

Multi level BOMs

Produce finished goods with multiple processes using multi level boms. With BOMs for each WIP.

Multiple boms per product

To manage variations in product composition use multiple boms per product.

Production costing

Sumtracker will automatically calculate cost of finished goods based on production processes.

Sub contractor job work tracking

Issue material to sub contractors and track each production order.

Quality check

Add quality check step after production to manage faulty goods and rework them.

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User Permissions & Approvals

Purchase order approvals

Set approval workflow for purchase orders. Only approved orders are valid.

Purchase and sales rate approvals

Rates are approved before they can be used. Set rates per supplier for products.

Email notifications

Get email notifications for due orders, approvals and tasks.

Permission based access

Role and department based permissions for accuracy and ease of use.

Lock data

All data gets locked once processed. Only admin user can edit historical data.

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Reports & Analytics

Stock valuation and age

Get real time stock valuation and age based on FIFO basis.

Cost of goods sold

Get real time COGS for the month. COGS is used to calculate overall margin.

Sales and purchase reports

Get real time sales and purchase reports based on product, customer, period, category etc.

Excel export

All data and reports can be exported in excel format.

Transaction log

Every inventory transaction is saved with a timestamp to track movement of items and trace any mistake.

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Quality Control

Perform QC

You can add a QC step after purchase and production. Only QC approved stock can be issued.

Track rejections

Rejected stock is tracked in the system. You have to remove rejected stock by repairing, returning or writing off

Repair rejected stock

Using the service order you can repair rejected items and perform QC again.

Rejections report

Get reports on which products and vendors have more rejections.


Sales order management
Purchase order management
Stock adjustment
Cycle count
Inventory management
Manufacturing orders
Bill of materials
Multi level boms
Retail pos
Batch wise inventory
Serial number wise inventory
Assembly and disassembly
Stock transfers
Multi warehouses
Sub locations in warehouses
Picking and putaway
Stock costing
Stock replenishment rules
Sales and purchase returns
Supplier and customer database
Supplier rates management
Alerts and notifications
Approval of orders
User permissions
Quality control

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