Sales and Purchase Orders


Serial wise invoice numbering. Once generated, invoice data is always intact. Invoices can be cancelled.


Configurable and beautiful orders and invoice prints. You can set your custom headers and terms and conditions.

Blanket orders

You can receive orders partially. Sumtracker will show you quantity received vs due.


Manage payments for orders. Filter data based on if order is paid or not.

Multi currency

Orders can be made in any currency. Conversion rate is stored with each order.

Delivery notes

Print delivery notes in one click. No need to make duplicate data entry.

Attach documents

Attach documents to orders and save to Google Drive.

Information and tasks

Store information and dates related to the order like due dates, tasks and delivery details.

Rates Management

Rules based rates

Define rules based on contact groups and time period. Rates will automatically get selected based on rules.

Get rates report

Get rates difference reports when actual rates and defined rates are different.

Set discount percentage

Set how much discount to apply for each product.

Fabric Inventory Management

Track fabric lengths

Get fabric roll count and fabric length in each roll.

Manage Bales

Create fabric bales and track by unique number. See which fabrics are packed inside bales.

Inventory Management

Track incoming stock

Incoming stock is the quantity which is confirmed by the vendor but not yet received.

Track outgoing stock

Outgoing stock is the quantity which is confirmed to be sold but not yet shipped.

Multiple locations

Track stock at multiple locations. Inventory will be tracked for each warehouse.

Batch wise tracking

Create batches of items. Add information related to each batch like expiry date, color etc.

Inventory log

Track each movement of inventory using the inventory log. For each product get detailed list of transactions.

Stock transfers

Transfer stock between locations with ease. Receive product in the warehouse in one click.

Stock adjustments

Create stock in or out vouchers to adjust stock in warehouses.

Real time stock status

Get real time stock status when creating any kind of voucher.

Inventory control

Use reorder and restock levels to decide when and how much to order.

UOM conversion

Use different UOMs to sell, purchase and track inventory. Automatic handling of UOM conversion.

Manufacturing management

Job work orders

Track inventory in job work process. Required raw material vs consumed raw material vs wastage.

Bill of materials

Manage and create BOMs for products with an easy to use interface.

Process Entry

Use BOMs to create process entry which automatically reduces raw materials and increases finished goods count.

Raw material planning

Enter finished goods average daily demand and raw material lead time to get how much raw material to order.

Process scheduling

Use delivery schedules to determine when to finish production and in what quantity to meet the order delivery on time.

Construction Contractors

Material requirements

Note down material requirements at site as mentioned in the BOQ

Site inventory management

Manage material due vs material sent to the site vs material consumed at the site.


Purchase material required at the site before starting the work. Manage the purchase process.

Delivery notes

Create delivery notes to deliver material from the warehouse to the site.

User Module

User permissions

Manage access and functionality rights with ease using permissions.


Using the approval permission, approve or reject entries such as purchase orders.

User timestamps

Get created by username and update by username to know who did the entry and when.

Customer and Supplier Module

Customer and supplier list

Maintain a list of all your customers and suppliers with tax ids and addresses.

Maintain balances

Get due balances for customers and suppliers. Make payment for multiple orders in one go.

Ledger entries

Create ledger entries to clear out balances. Get ledger report to reconcile transactions.

Multiple addresses

For each contact store billing, shipping and other addresses. Billing and shipping address get auto selected.

Taxation support

Save tax ids and create tax laws complaint invoices.

Transaction history

See orders and payments log for each contact. Get report for business conducted with each contact.

Reports and graphs

Sales reports

Get detailed analysis of sales data. Get sales by customer, product, category.

Product wise report

Get reports of best selling product, highest revenue.

Purchase report

Get detailed analysis of purchase data. Get purchases by supplier, product, category.

Payments report

Get payments received and made report by time period. Compare sales vs payment collected.

Stock valuation report

Get stock valuation reports based on FIFO or LIFO.

Monthly stock levels

Get stock levels report at the end of each month.

Dead stock report

Get stock which is dead with no transactions. Remove the stock from inventory to free up capital.