Fabric Traders

Track fabric rolls and bales.
Get how many fabric rolls (than) you have and the fabric length in each roll. Easy to manage software for rolls and bales.

Track fabric rolls

Sumtracker enables you to track each fabric roll with ease. See total number of rolls and fabric length in each roll.

Manage fabric bales

Pack rolls in bales. Track each bale by unique number. See name of fabrics and total length inside the bale.

Easy to understand

Sumtracker makes it very easy to search bales. Print detailed orders with fabric length of each roll, total length and fabric specifications.

How do we track fabric lengths?

• When entering orders you can specify fabric lengths and number of rolls to sell.
• Track fabric bales by unique numbers. Get to know which fabrics are packed inside each bale.
• Sumtracker treats each roll as a separate piece. When selling and buying you don’t need to generate unique barcodes for each roll. Sumtracker will manage inventory for you.


Track fabric lengths
Manage fabric bales
Sales and purchase
Stock transfers
Multiple location support
Excel import and export
Reports and analytics
Payments and ledgers
Delivery notes
Returns and refunds
Customer and supplier list
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