Construction Contractors

Manage inventory at construction sites.
Note down requirements exactly according to BOQ. Get full control over when and how many materials get dispatched to the site.

Manage Procurement

Use purchase orders to track and manage your purchases. Set negotiated rate in products to keep cost of purchased material under check. Approval system for purchase orders to avoid mistakes and loopholes.

Track inventory at Sites

Issue material only based on specifications in the BOQ. Track issued material and consumed material at site. Tight control over quality, quantity and cost of each project.

Note Site requirements

Make detailed material requirements based on site layout. Fix and lock site requirements after approval to avoid any mistakes and loopholes.

How do we track inventory at sites?

• Project is divided into different phases. For each phase required vs installed quantity is tracked.
• Daily material consumed is entered to keep track of how much material has been installed at the site.
• Real time report is generated to show material required vs received vs remaining at the site.


BOQ based requirements
Delivery Notes
Track inventory at sites
Material consumed summary
Multiple warehouses
Product List
Material costing actual vs planned
Procurement management
Approvals for vouchers
User permissions
UOM Conversion
Rates Management
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