Batches and Serial numbers

Track stock using batch numbers. Each batch has a unique code with information like expiry date.

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Auto picking of batches based on expiry

Save batch information

Material traceability using batch numbers

Track serial numbers for servicing and warranty

Fifo based stock picking

Raw material traceability

When a production order is created sumtracker will calculate the amount of raw material needed. Raw material needed will be issued based on batch numbers assigned during purchase. Using this you can trace back which raw material was used to produce a particular batch of finished goods.

Auto batch picking

Each batch is tracked using the purchase date and expiry date. When doing auto picking sumtracker will auto pick the most recent expiring batch. This is useful for perishable goods. In non perishable goods FIFO batch picking ensure low stock age.

Serial number tracking

Serial number tracking is useful to track each individual item using a unique serial number. This is used for mobile phones IMEI, laptops and other valuable items.

How do we track batches?

Sumtracker tracks all stock using lots. Each lot is tracked using the date it was received. You can turn on batch tracking for the product. In case of batch tracking each lot is given a batch number.

Batches can store information for the lot like expiry date, manufacturing date, production location etc.

When purchasing goods system asks you to assign batch numbers to the lots. The inventory levels reflect this information. You can see which batch has how much inventory and at which warehouse.

When shipping good the system can auto pick the batches for you based on FIFO (first in first out) or FEFO (first expiry first out). You can book batches manually if you want to.

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Batch information
Serial number tracking
Raw material traceability
Auto picking
Unique batch numbers
Batch wise production
PO based batch numbers

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