Manufacturing Management Software

Manage manufacturing planning and BOMs

Bill of Materials management

Managing BOMs is challenging. You have to keep tracking of multiple boms for each stage of production. Sumtracker provides an easy interface to create and modify BOMs.
For each product you can see in which BOMs is this product added too. This make it very easy to track down mistakes and edits.
Sumtracker provides 3 levels of distinction in product to be used in BOMs: Raw material, Work in Progress (WIP) and Finished Goods (FG).
Raw materials can only added to BOMs but WIP and FG can have their own BOMS. When making the data for production entry Sumtracker automatically picks up the BOM and reduced the raw material inventory while increasing the finished goods inventory.

Raw Material requirement planning

Based on your average daily demand for finished goods we calculate the raw materials and wip required for you. Sumtracker automatically does the job of deciding materials requirements on a daily basis.
Based on daily sales data average daily demand is calculated which is used with the BOMs configuration to get the average daily demand for each raw material. The average daily demand figure is multiplied with the lead time to get the reorder levels.
With sumtracker you can now let the system tell you when you have to reorder the particular raw material. Sumtracker has the figures for for stock in hand and stock already ordered. Using these values we can calculate when to reorder and what quantity to reorder.

Job work orders

Sumtracker has the most advanced job work order tracking. We can give the amount of raw material issued, material consumed, material left and how much material is due to be sent.
When making the job work order you have the option to specify the amount of finished goods you want to receive. Based on this value we give you the raw material required, which can be then issued to the job worker.
Sumtracker has the option to use both BOM based and self managed raw material consumption. In case of BOM based raw material consumption is calculated automatically based on the quantity in the BOM. In case of self managed raw material consumption you have to make a data entry to consume the raw material.

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