Fabric Inventory Management - Bale and Thaan

Using Sumtracker you can manage fabric bale and thaan inventory

Tracking Fabric Rolls (Thaan) Inventory

Fabric industry has very typical inventory management use case. For fabric rolls or thaan 2 things are tracked; number of total thaans and fabric length in each thaan. Sumtracker can show these details for each unique variety of fabric. For example if there and 4 rolls or thaan then sumtracker will show 130,125,110,100 m where each number of the length of the thaan.
This method inventory management is very easy to understand and maintain for fabric traders. Sumtracker has a very easy to use and fast method of billing even when handling thaans. At the time of sale or purchase you just have to enter the lengths of individual thaans, total length and number of thaans are calculated by sumtracker.
You can even sell fabric rolls partially. For example you can sell 100m of fabric from a roll of 190m. Sumtracker will automatically manage the remaining inventory and note down the length of the remaining thaan.

Manage fabric packages (Bale)

Most of the fabric wholesalers store fabrics in packages called Bale. These are a collection of similar fabric varieties. To manage them each bale is given a unique number. This number is allotted serially for each variety of fabric.
Each bale has information about fabric name, color and variety, number of thaans, length of each thaan. It also stores when was the bale packed and unpacked. This information is useful to track deadstock being locked up for years in bales.
Each bale can be transferred between different locations. Location tracking is also important for bales since they might get packed at one location but unpacked at another. After unpacking the content of the bale can change. For example one of the thaan is taken out. Then the bale can be packed again to continued storage of goods.

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