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Track orders, workflow and payments

Track Orders from Buyers and Vendors

Sumtracker has a very extensive order management system. You can generate one time and bulk blanket orders. Each order has multiple status based on the stage of order processing. For inventory tracking there are 3 statuses: default, In transit and shipped.
In transit denotes if the products have been reserved or blocked for the order. Shipped denotes if the products have been shipped from the warehouse. Each order has approval system. Only after approval can the order by shipped or invoiced.
Blanket orders are used to not down bulk orders which are then fulfilled based on schedule or product availability basis. Blanket orders can track the quantity ordered and quantity left to dispatch. Blanket orders make it very easy to track how many orders are still pending or partially pending.
The backbone of exports business is product procurement. Each product is sourced from vendors at very specific prices. Sumtracker allows to fix sourcing rates and vendors for each product. You can set delivery due dates and create a delivery schedule for the whole order.

Generate Invoices and track payments

Sumtracker has invoicing and payments module. You can convert orders into invoices directly. For each order billing address, shipping address and dispatch addresses are stored. Invoicing in Sumtracker is globally compliant according to international standards.
You can now manage forex payments for each order with ease. You just have select the order currency. Payments can be accepted for each order in any other currency.
Payment tracking in Sumtracker can be based on per order bases or customer ledger bases. In case of per order basis the payments are entered directly in the order. In case of customer ledgers payments are entered in the ledger against the outstanding balance.
Sumtracker auto generates the invoice numbers. The numbers are generated serial wise according to the law. Any invoice which is deemed cancelled is also kept stored in sumtracker for documentation. For each invoice documents can be uploaded for documentation.

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