Construction Sites Inventory Management Software

Manage Inventory on Multiple Construction Sites

Track inventory at construction sites

Construction contractors like HVAC, hardware, windows, plumbing have to supply a lot of materials to the construction sites at their own cost.
Sumtracker can track the movement of stock from the warehouse to the construction site. Sumtracker shows how much inventory has been dispatch to the site. Everyday the engineer gives an update about how much of that inventory has been consumed.
Sumtracker has materials summary which shows: material required, material dispatched and material consumed at the site.
Every construction site has various sections and rooms. For each section the materials requirement is different. So to keep the whole work organized Sumtracker has divided the materials requirement into groups. Each group has a name and has materials to used for that section. You can compare material required for the section with material consumed to get the progress.

Manage material procurement and dispatch

For any construction contracting project to be successful quality and cost are of prime importance. Using sumtracker you lock the make, cost and quantity of the materials. Once the BOQ has been finalized and approved material specification can only be changed by the admin.
Using sumtracker you can procure materials as per the specification on pre negotiated rates. The material rates will be approved by the admin before being sent to the vendor. After procuring the material it is dispatched to the construction site via delivery notes.
Each delivery note is verified by Sumtracker to match make of the material, quantity being sent and the rate of purchase. This is done to ensure that no extra and unnecessary material gets dispatched. After receiving the material at the site it gets added to the overall material report for that site.

Calculate material cost and wastage

Wastage is a part of doing construction projects. But it is important to manage it and reduce it. Using Sumtracker you can get a detailed report on total material consumed compared to total material required as per plan. The difference between planned quantity and consumed quantity is the wastage.
Sumtracker records consumption of material section wise. So after completion of each section sumtracker gives the report for wastage. This report can be used to conclude which supervisor is prone to more wastage. Or which material is difficult to handle and gets wasted a lot.

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