Why did we make Sumtracker

Case study by Kush Goyal

Implementing software on business is a challenge for business owners. Being a business owner myself I can testify that any change in business processes is scary! Our family owns 2 electronics retail stores in Delhi. They are one of the top electronics stores in the New Delhi and we have a great reputation for customer satisfaction.

In the summer of 2012 my father told me about the reason for low profits we made in 2011. The reason was inventory theft by our staff member over the course of whole year. He stole enough inventory to bring our profits to peanuts. I asked him how could this happen? Did not we track our stock? He said the person who stole from us was the one who tracked the stock and no one else has any idea what was going on. Our accountant figured out the losses one year later when he saw the money in bank does not the match the sales figures. The thief was making false invoices to cover up the lost inventory.

After getting this bad news my brother and I decided to implement an inventory management system at our shop in Chandni Chowk Delhi. Our staff protested that they cannot operate a computer all day. They have other much more important duties to fulfill. And more over they can’t operate the software. So we decided to bring a new staff member just to operate the software. His job will be only manage the software and nothing else.

For the next 2 months I personally tried more than 5 software I had shortlisted. All the software had to have 2 things for me to even try them: 1) cloud based 2) easy to use for my staff. I used to try these software considering every process we already had in place at our store. There should not be a single step which cannot be performed easily in the software. Based on this need I was not able to make a final selection on any of the available solutions. Naming those solutions here in this post is of no use since they didn’t work for me.

This discovery that for our store no good solution exists made me work on designing a new software. I decided to work on it because like us many others are also facing the same problems. The problems we were facing were really critical for us. The problems included managing inventory, payments and transparency in business reporting.

In 2014, after working on Sumtracker non stop for 4 months we finally decided to implement it at one of our store. But before implementing we had to note down all our current stock accurately. And also find a staff member who can take responsibility of running the Sumtracker. Once we tackled these 2 issues there was nothing in between the software and us. So we had to implement it right away.

The initial days of running Sumtracker were very intense because we had no idea if it will produce the results we want for our stores. We kept on ironing out the issues faced by our staff. The major showdown was the first time we had to reconcile our whole inventory. It took around 6 to 8 hours to reconcile the whole stock sheet. Once it was done we were sure that our stock is safe now. Over the years we have added amazing features to track stock and reduce mistakes to 0%. Thus enabling us to achieve 100% accuracy in stock maintenance.

Sumtracker has grown from being a accurate payments and inventory management software to a whole business suite. Call us or email us to know how can we help manage and scale your business. Our aim is to bring performance in business and peace of mind to the business owner.

Kush Goyal

Kush Goyal
Co Founder