Learn about Sumtracker Inventory Software and how it can help your business grow

5 Features Every Business Management Software Must Have

Business software are known to have scary looking interface and bad user experience. We at Sumtracker challenge this ‘traditional’ practice. I truly believe for people to use software with maximum potential, user interface and experience should be fantastic. We have made a list of some features which can make the user experience productive and easy.

5 Ways Inventory Management Can Increase Profits

Inventory takes the centre stage in most businesses. Managing inventory should be very easy for the staff. The systems in place should do the heavy lifting, staff needs to follow the simple instructions only. Most business owners really wish to get such systems in place. Sumtracker makes that wish true! Let’s see top 5 ways inventory management can increase your profits.

Say No To Outdated Business Technology

As a business owner, we invest in buying or subscribing tech products (such as office365, team viewer, ERP, inventory management software, etc) in order to make operations more efficient, easier to record and comprehend processes and to make the overall life of everyone related to our business easy. These accumulate to increase business profit and employee satisfaction. But often we end up subscribing to services for their fancy but not so important features and then drag ourselves with it because of the time and money already invested in it. There are more than few ways complicated tech can crawl into your business and cost you more than you agreed to in one or many ways: