Case Study on Tarpaulin Industry Software

Case study by Kush Goyal

A lot industries have very complex manner of managing inventory. We at Sumtracker enjoy solving complex problems faced by businesses. One such problem is that, the fabric industry specifically the tarpaulin industry have very different units of selling and storing. Fabric is sold in square yards, square feet, square meter and stored in kilograms.

How Tarpaulins are Stored and Tracked

In tarpaulin manufacturing the raw material is polymer. Polymer is purchased and tracked in Kg. The finished product which is the tarpaulin fabric is also tracked in Kg. Usually in every tarpaulin business, rolls are made from the fabric and stored. These rolls are tracked on the basis of weight in Kg.

How Tarpaulins are Sold

Tarpaulins are sold on the basis of size. Typically these sizes are in square feet. But based on the customer specifications the unit of size can also be square meter or square feet. When tracking the inventory a lot of calculations are done by the staff to get the final Kg value of product being sold. This whole process makes the sales process slow and increase chances of mistake.

Converting Kilogram to Square Yard or Square Feet

Sumtracker solved the problem for tarpaulin industry by allowing the trader to use any unit to sell or purchase stock. For every tarpaulin product we save the GSM density of the fabric. Using this density we calculate the mass of the fabric being sold. The user can select any unit like square yard or square feet or square meter, we will convert the user entered value to the weight in Kg. This calculation is done in real time, so the user can right away see the deduction in stock.

Create Bundles of Tarpaulins for Storage

Fabric of all kinds is mostly stored in bundles or packages. Sumtracker has packages feature to track each such bundle. Each bundle is given a unique number and the contents of the bundle are noted down. This way you know the stock which is stored away while knowing the number of packages in the warehouse. Managing packaged stock solves the problem of stock being locked away for years.

Kush Goyal

Kush Goyal
Co Founder