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As a business owner, we invest in buying or subscribing tech products (such as office365, team viewer, ERP, inventory management software, etc) in order to make operations more efficient, easier to record and comprehend processes and to make the overall life of everyone related to our business easy. These accumulate to increase business profit and employee satisfaction. But often we end up subscribing to services for their fancy but not so important features and then drag ourselves with it because of the time and money already invested in it. There are more than few ways complicated tech can crawl into your business and cost you more than you agreed to in one or many ways:

Reduced productivity

The more complex your technology is to learn, the more time you will invest before you can actually start working with it. According to a survey by Samanage, U.S. companies are wasting $2 trillion using outdated technology that limits employee productivity. Indeed, one in four workers (25.4%) report that their company’s technology and policies hurt their work productivity. However, a technology which is easier to learn will allow your employees to engage with it without much effort. A tech product should make life easy not more complicated.

Increased dependency on IT department

Besides reducing productivity, outdated technology not just consumes your time and money on training and support but also increases your dependency on the IT department. However an easy to use technology, like said before, will be welcomed by your employees and will drastically reduce dependence on IT department as small roadblocks will be tackled among employees itself.

Increased use of unauthorized applications

Thanks to over-complicated, difficult to use, outdated technology, employees will try to find easier solutions by using unauthorized applications. Use of unauthorized products may get the work done but increases security risks, chances of data loss or theft and may even hamper integrity at work.

Having experienced all of the above because of using over-complicated tech, we strongly believe in using simple to learn and easy to use, up to date technology especially for our businesses in order to increase productivity, reduce security and data loss risks, focussing on function and features that are most important to our work and increasing overall business productivity and employee satisfaction.

Our experiences with complicated tech keep us on our toes to create simple, quick to learn and easy to use technology for businesses so that the employees focus on getting their work done and do not have to invest heavy hours in learning the tech. At StarApps software we achieve this by using up-to-date technology (eg. Google Cloud Platform) and by constant review of our product by industry leaders.

Guest Writer

Guest Writer