Case Study on Fabric Inventory Management

Case study Fabric by Kush Goyal

Inventory management is very complex for the fabric industry. Businesses have to manage Thaan (roll) and bale (package) for moving and selling fabric. Thaan are rolls of fabric which have to be tracked meter wise. Bales are bundles of several Thaans. So we have to manage the inventory of fabric in the form of number of Thaans and bales along with the meter value in each of them.

Thaan tracking

To track fabric in Thaans you have to store the meter value for each piece of Thaan. Sumtracker asks for the meter value of each Thaan for every transaction. So when you look at your stock for any fabric you will see the number of Thaans and the meter value in each Thaan. For example: 4 Thaans with meter values: 400,125,200,300.

Fabric Sales Order

Bale tracking

Bales are made to store fabrics and move them around. Sumtracker allows you to assign a unique Bale number to each Bale made in the system for tracking. For each bale below information is stored:

  • Bale number
  • Bale location or warehouse
  • Bale pack and unpack date
  • Quantity and variety of fabric stored in the bale

List of Bales

Using this method of fabric inventory management we have solved problem of stock tracking for many businesses in Delhi and Surat. All the business using Sumtracker for managing fabric stock have increased profits and reduced costs. To know more how can we help grow your profits through managing inventory email us at

Kush Goyal

Kush Goyal
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