5 Features Every Business Management Software Must Have

Features Technology by Kush Goyal

Business software are known to have scary looking interface and bad user experience. We at Sumtracker challenge this ‘traditional’ practice. I truly believe for people to use software with maximum potential, user interface and experience should be fantastic. We have made a list of some features which can make the user experience productive and easy.

1. Product catalog with pictures

We humans have a pictorial memory. It is easy to remember how something looks rather than a long product code or sku. Software should have the option to add a high quality product image. If you have product images attached to each product you can share these images to your customers. This way even if you don’t have a product in your inventory you can make sale through your product catalog. Having product images also makes it much easy to train staff. They will not make mistakes in packing the products based on sales order.

2. Notifications and reminders on mobile phone

Payment collection and order delays are a major source of losses. To avoid these losses the owner has to constantly keep track of everything and this creates stress. To tackle this notifications and reminders can make a big difference. For example you set reminders for payment collection based on payment terms. The software will send you notifications to collect payment on time. This can make follow ups with customers and suppliers very tension free.

3. Document upload with every voucher

Sales and purchase transactions has additional paper work attached to them. These documents needs to be available in the software to access them quickly. There are papers like custom clearance, delivery details, payment receipts, sales quotations etc. All of these papers came handy in case there is a dispute or a clarification is needed. Sumtracker provides the ability to upload any type of document and attach it to any voucher. This way you can be sure that your data is all at one place.

4. Quick search of products and vouchers

Software should be able to search products super fast on any kind of query. Sumtracker has the feature to search your products and retrieve current stock, price, photo and transaction history. This helps to answer customer queries about products very quickly and accurately. Voucher search can make tasks like reconciliation very fast.

5. User permissions and tagging

Maintaining the business data accurately needs supervision and controls. Sumtracker is designed to disallow any unauthorized modifications and actions on data. Based on user permissions data can be modified and accessed. For example junior staff cannot edit the data. They have make new entries to do any corrections. This way the senior management can see those corrections with the original data intact. Admin users are allowed to manage data without any restrictions.

Sumtracker has all these features builtin. Our customers get amazing improvement in productivity by using these features. It is mostly about being able to adapt better systems of working. Once systems are in place results start accumulating and profits increase overtime.

Kush Goyal

Kush Goyal
Co Founder