Learn about Sumtracker Inventory Software and how it can help your business grow

Why did we make Sumtracker

Implementing software on business is a challenge for business owners. Being a business owner myself I can testify that any change in business processes is scary! Our family owns 2 electronics retail stores in Delhi. They are one of the top electronics stores in the New Delhi and we have a great reputation for customer satisfaction.

Say No To Outdated Business Technology

As a business owner, we invest in buying or subscribing tech products (such as office365, team viewer, ERP, inventory management software, etc) in order to make operations more efficient, easier to record and comprehend processes and to make the overall life of everyone related to our business easy.

MSMEs to lead India’s mission to $5 trillion

According to a report published by Morgan Stanley, India would become a $5 trillion economy by 2025. Top politicians and industrialists also think that India can achieve the mark of $5 trillion by 2025. As of today, India has a GDP of $2.264 trillion growing at the rate of 6.9% per year (avg. of GDP rate from 2012-2016). With this growth rate, by the end of 2025 India would have become a $3.83 trillion economy. At the current rate, we will be well short of the target by $1.17 trillion.